How To Configure BSNL FTTH Syro-Tech ONU

How To Configure BSNL FTTH Syro-Tech ONU:- Before ONU configuration you have the following information get through your service provider:-

net Data Configuration


Enable VLAN                      : Select   tik on it

VLAN ID                               : 177      ( By Service Provider)

USER ID                            : ( By Service Provider)

PASSWORD                         : password     ( By Service Provider)

VOIP Configuration for Telephone

Static                                     : Select   tik on it

Enable VLAN                      : Select   tik on it

VLAN ID                               : 1830 ( By Service Provider)

IP ADDRESS                        :   ( By Service Provider)

SUBNET                              : ( By Service Provider)

DEFALT Gateway              :       ( By Service Provider)

Primart DNS                       : 172                   ( By Service Provider)

Secondary DNS                 :  ( By Service Provider)

SERVICE                               : VOICE


Sip Registered Address : ( By Service Provider)

Line Enable                         : Select   tik on it 

Account Number             : 915322971422( By Service Provider)

Account Name                  : 915322971422( By Service Provider)

Account Password           : 0000

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