LONG DURATION TIMER PROGRAMME WITH OMRON PLC CP1E USING CX-PROGRAMMER VERSION 9.61:- Here we are creating to use a timer to generate 1 minute time base & to count 1 minute duration with a preset counter to obtain delay as per our requirement. See ladder diagram click on the following link http://www.areptone.in/download/LongDurationTimer.pdf or download programe file http://www.areptone.in/download/ldtimer.rar  the time calculation has been done as following with CX-PROGRAMMER. The Built in CX-Time is 100 mile seconds  means 0.1 seconds multiply by 10 we will get 1000 mile seconds  or 1 second then multiply by 600 or 60 seconds to get 1 minute time base for counter to decrement count time every  minute to count counter preset value and  to reset finally at zero value .


Adeeb Raza

About adeebraza1236

I am an electronic instrumentation engineer by profession but I am working as a design engineer. I can design electronic hardware interface circuits for computer based security system, Computer based industrial control system for automation and process control Etc. My Interests: Electronics Circuit designing with PCB Designing, Computer software development using VB & C , PC based security system, Designing LED Lights, UPS, Inverter Etc
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