Make DOS Bootable Pen Drive very easly

We need only three important files for DOS Bootable Pen Drive that are (a) IO.SYS (b) MSDOS.SYS both are system files (c) COMMOND.COM this file is interpreter contains all the basic internal command in it. As we are aware that Microsoft has introduced DISK OPERATING SYSTEM (DOS) for Personnel Computer (PC) but after DOS 6.22 Microsoft has introduced another OS that is Windows Operating System. But Windows 3.1 also required DOS to install therefore Microsoft has introduced Windows-98 with built-in DOS as a part of OPERATING SYSTEM. Therefore Windows-98 DOS files create DOS Bootable Pen Drive very easily with help of above mention only three important files. Download bootable files click on Link: – for making bootable pen drive we also need a formatting tool that is included here but hp sub disk storage format tool setup file (HPUSBDisk) can be down lode from internet directly… Method:- Download Io.sys file Msdos.sys file Command .com file of windows98 dos Hp sub disk storage format tool setup file First format your Pen Drive with NTFS File system of your PC Now Run HPUSBDisk format tool file & set menu as following Select downloded Command folder then Copy & paste on PenDrive for Running all externel commands through Pen Drive For mouse operation use in autoexec.bat file For CD Drive add CD Driver file in autoexec.bat & config.sys files Make Autoexec.bat & Config.sys File as per your choice Now your PEN DRIVE is ready to use Thanks Adeeb Raza

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I am an electronic instrumentation engineer by profession but I am working as a design engineer. I can design electronic hardware interface circuits for computer based security system, Computer based industrial control system for automation and process control Etc. My Interests: Electronics Circuit designing with PCB Designing, Computer software development using VB & C , PC based security system, Designing LED Lights, UPS, Inverter Etc
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